Announcement From The EHS Band

EISD – Congratulations Maverick Band! The band was outstanding in the Paluxy Valley Marching Festival this weekend. There were 16 bands competing for the Paluxy Valley Championship. There were ten 2-A bands, three 3-A bands, two 4-A bands, and one 5-A band at the competition. Senjin Thayer, the Maverick Band Drum Major, was named the Outstanding 2-A Drum Major based on Pre-Lims performance. The band placed 3rd in the Pre-Lims performance behind 2nd place 4-A Joshua High School, and 1st place 2-A Clifton High School. Clifton was named the Outstanding band in Class 2-A from the prelims performance. The 38 member Maverick band performed again at 8:00 pm in the finals competition and was judged again on that performance against the other finalist bands, who all had over 100 members in their groups. The results were….

6th Runner up was 3-A Alvarado High School

5th Runner up was 2-A Clifton High School

……who was 2nd in the 2-A State Marching contest last year.

4th Runner up was 4-A C.F. Brewer High School

3rd Runner up was 5-A Irving MacArthur High School

2nd Runner up was 4-A Joshua High School

1st Runner up was 3-A Kennedale High School

……who was at the last 3-A state marching contest two years ago.

and the Paluxy Valley Grand Champion was our very own Eastland Mighty Maverick Band! We are very proud of you for your hard work, your dedication to excellence, your teamwork, and this fine accomplishment!

The band will next perform in competition against a standard at the

October 16 – UIL Region 7 Marching Contest, Glen Rose Texas at 3:30 pm

Eastland ISD Bands make Eastland Sound Good!

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