Another Brick in the Wall

Brick work has begun at the Lyric Theatre. Master mason Robert Moore is shown here doing his thing. Moore is using historic brick on the Lyric and adjoining buildings of the Eastland Cente for the Arts from the old Mr. C’s photo store that was demolished a few years back.

Moore will complete the Lyric facade first, take a break while gathering materials for the second facade, complete that facade and then do the same for the third front. By doing the process in this manner, Moore’s work will not keep the area congested over a long period of time, just three shorter ones.
Board members of the Eastland Centre for the Arts, Inc. are now beginning the information gathering phase of the interior project.

“We recently met with Stan McCraken, vice president of the Artists of Eastland County,” said ECA Chairman Terry Simmons, “and he says that group is ready to move forward with us to design and complete the interiors of the Centre.”

Simmons states both groups will begin to meet with an architect who has volunteered his services, as well as a local retired engineer, to map out what can and will be done to get the interior phase started.

If you would like to help bring the arts to Eastland through the Eastland Centre for the Arts and Lyric Theatre, donations are gladly accepted to their Building Fund at P.O. Box 831, Eastland, TX 76448, or by credit card through PayPal at