Another Movie Gallery Bites The Dust

Although it was first thought that Cisco’s Movie Gallery had missed the closings list of which Eastland’s Movie Gallery was a victim, it seems it is now facing that same fate.  Movie Gallery, Inc. has been in the process of restructuring the company and closing stores that aren’t making the necessary profit. Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, Movie Gallery, Inc. is the second largest North American video and game rental company, operating stores in the U.S. and Canada under the Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video and Game Crazy brands.  Blockbuster is the largest movie rental chain and is admitting that bankruptcy may be in their near future.   Movie Gallery’s website has information about their bankruptcy agreement as well as a customer fact sheet giving information on gift cards, subscriptions, outstanding rental items and late fees. Eastland’s Movie Gallery store has been in the process of closing since the beginning of February.

As these brick and mortar rental stores close, the area will be left with the options of renting movies through the mail, pay-per-view, or using the vending machines at Wal-Mart and Brookshire’s.    The Cisco Movie Gallery is offering discounts on everything in the store.