Bradlee Dean, Special Guest at Tea Party Patriots of Eastland Co.

Dean Bradlee reaching out 2015-10Tea Party Patriots of Eastland County welcomes a special guest, Bradlee Dean of Sons of Liberty, to Cisco Monday, November 9. There is no charge for this special multimedia program. It begins at 6:00 p.m. at the Myrtle Wilks Community Center, 1498 IH-20.

Bradlee Dean’s powerful message of hope and purpose resonates with young people. His organization, The Sons of Liberty, has reached some 350 public high schools, university and college campuses, as well as tea parties, churches, and more with the message of the Bible, the Constitution, and the price paid for our freedoms.
Bradlee Dean is a nationally syndicated radio host for The Sons of Liberty and a weekly columnist for WorldNet Daily, Western Journalism, and many other conservative media outlets. Dean is also founder and CEO of The Sons of Liberty (Formerly You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International), a non-profit organization that specializes in reaching America’s next generation through principles of morality, true freedom, and personal responsibility. Bradlee doesn’t fear the tough topics. He has been endorsed by people such as Michele Bachmann, Michael Reagan, Bryan Fischer (American Family Association), Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America), Matt Barber (Liberty Counsel), Rusty Humphries, Michael Peroutka (Institute on the Constitution), Alveda King and more. He has been covered by national media outlets such as the New York Times, Fox News, and The Weekly Standard.

Make plans now to hear Bradlee Dean Monday, November 9. Bring everybody, so you don’t later say, “I wish I’d taken more people!”

After all, it’s free. And it’s fun.