Budget Cuts Threaten College Programs

Colleges and universities across the state received notification this week from the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor’s Office that state appropriations for the 2010-2011 school year had been reduced another 2.5%. This comes on top of an earlier 5% reduction.

Most public colleges and universities have experienced record enrollment while struggling to accommodate many more students on much less money. Many colleges have reached a bursting point.

Dr. Bill Campion, Ranger College President, mentioned that his institution had struggled to accommodate a 62% enrollment increase this fall with the same amount of money the college received from the state twelve years ago. He further relates that two year colleges are “all about access” and turning students away is counterproductive to the institutions mission.

Campion thanked the college’s many supporters who have financially assisted the institution during these tough times. He hopes that somehow their kindness and generosity can continue. He stated that raising tuition and/or raising taxes were not options.

“We have to find a way” he said. At some point quality suffers and we all do our best to guard against that. After all, public colleges and universities have all taken this hit.