Changing Of The Guards At Strawn City Meeting

At Monday night’s city council meeting, Mayor David Day presented Shan Nowak with a  plaque in appreciation for Brad Nowak’s dedication of service to the City of Strawn and the entire community by serving as Alderman from June 9, 2005 until June 6, 2009.  Brad Nowak passed away suddenly June 6, 2009 leaving behind his wife Shan and two children, Hannah and Kyle.  In receiving the plaque Shan said “Brad thought it was an honor to be on the council because he loved his community so much and he wanted to make a difference in the community.”

Mayor Day also gave Kevin West a certificate of appreciation for fulfilling the rest of Brad Nowak’s term which expired May 8.


Mayor Carl Frasier presents former Mayor David Day with a plaque.

Mayor Day administered the oath of office to incoming Mayor Carl Frasier and Aldermen Aaron Orsini and Scott Parsons.   Mayor Frasier presented outgoing Mayor Day with a plaque in appreciation for his 13 years of serving on the council and 7 years as mayor.

Other business included complaints from the owners of The Ancient Art Soap Company that nothing had been done to clean up the burned buildings downtown.  Mayor Frasier said that he had supplied the material and labor that had been used to board up the windows and doors in the building on the ground level and that he would talk to the Holts who own the building to see where they stood on cleanup.  The concern about the safety of the building during homecoming was discussed and the fact that it makes the downtown area undesirable for possible future businesses that have expressed interest in opening downtown.

David Day Presents Kevin West with a Certificate of Appreciation

A citizen had entered a complaint about an above ground pool at a vacant house that still had water in it and was breeding mosquitoes.  The City is going to try to contact the owners of the house and see about getting the water drained from the pool.