Cisco College and Texas Tech Announce Partnership

Today at a press conference, Texas Tech University and Cisco College announced that they will enter into a partnership to offer a bachelor of general studies in Cisco and Abilene.

Representatives from Texas Tech University, including Guy Bailey, president, and Matt Baker, dean of outreach and distance education, along with Colleen Smith, president of Cisco College, fielded questions regarding the details of the program.

Beginning in Spring 2011, courses will be delivered online and through interactive television with in-person courses to be announced at a later date. In-person courses will be taught at both Cisco College locations.

“We’re not here today to announce that Texas Tech will offer a degree via distance education,” said Baker. “We’re here today to announce a unique partnership between Cisco College and Texas Tech.”

When asked by Cisco College student Mary McKindry about the ratio of courses offered online versus in-person, Baker responded that their goal is to strive for a 60-40 split.

“We still have a lot of details to work out, but this is a tremendous step forward to provide affordable educational options for our region,” said Smith.

The bachelor of general studies allows students to individualize a degree program to fit personal needs, interests or career goals, and students are required to complete 120 hours.

“This partnership only enhances what already is an outstanding educational program at Cisco College,” said Bailey. “We are proud to partner with Texas community colleges and extend the reach of Texas Tech’s educational mission beyond our campus and give residents in these areas an opportunity to obtain a four-year degree.”

The agreement also will allow Cisco College students to seamlessly transfer coursework to Texas Tech.