Cisco College President Accepts Position at Collin College

Dr. Colleen Smith

CISCO, Texas – Dr. Colleen Smith announced her resignation as president of Cisco College, effective Sept. 10. She has accepted a position with Collin College in Plano, Texas, where she will serve as the district senior vice president of academic affairs and student development. The position, which is new to the north Texas community college, is a result of record-setting growth.

“I am very grateful that I have had this opportunity to serve as the president of Cisco College.  I have learned a great deal about people, about life and about myself.  I am thankful that the Board of Regents has been so very supportive, and I am truly appreciative of the many wonderful employees of the college who have worked so hard to accomplish great things for Cisco. I am always amazed by the vision, work ethic and creativity demonstrated by so many individuals here. It is my fervent wish that Cisco College will continue to thrive and that the town of Cisco will grow ever stronger in their support of the college,” said Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith has served as president of Cisco College for the past four years and had previously served as the college’s vice president of instruction.

“She’s not only been a visionary leader who has guided the college to serving a record enrollment of more than 4,200 students but also has been involved in local, state and national organizations,” said Bobby Smith, executive vice president of Cisco College. “Her commitment has helped to elevate the reputation of the college both regionally and across the state, and it is a momentum that we will strive to carry forward.”

The Cisco College Board of Regents is committed to a smooth transition and will announce the details of the transition at a later date.

“We hate to see Dr. Smith leave, but we understand by the quality of the work she has done here that others would desire her leadership. We were fortunate to have been able to utilize her talents; she has been a tremendous benefit to the college,” said Brad Kimbrough, president of the Cisco College Board of Regents.

Dr. Smith became the first female president of Cisco College. Under her leadership, some of Cisco College’s achievements include:

·         Successful reaccreditation from SACS with no recommendations for improvement

·         Enrollment increases of 3,516 in Fall 2005 to 4,266 in Fall 2009

·         Implementation of a successful distance learning program

·         Revision of the policy manual to ensure the college’s compliance with state and federal laws as well as SACS and THECB

·         Development of a comprehensive assessment of student learning program

·         Increase in private funding to the college, allowing for improvements in technology as well as the expansion of the second floor of the Abilene Educational Center