Cisco ISD Board Meeting December 15

Notice is hereby given that on the 15th day of December, 2010, Board of Trustees of the Cisco Independent School District will hold a REGULAR meeting at 6:00 p.m. at 301 W. 4th Street, Cisco, Texas 76437.


I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Comments from the Public

III. Financial Information/Action

AAAA. CISD 2009-2010 Independent Audit

AAA. 2010-2011 Independent Audit – Letter of Engagement – Cam Gulley, CPA

AA. Wilks Group/Frac-Tech Future Growth & Tax Relief Considerations

A. Accounts Payable

B. Investment Reports

C. 2010-2011 Financial Status Report

D. Trust-in-Agency Account Reports

E. CISD Transfers and Tuition Waivers

F. Budget Amendments

G. Grant Applications & Building Projects

  • Maintenance/Athletics/Foodservice/Insurance
  • Other Possible Items

H. Maintenance & Transportation Projects

  • Chesley Field Improvements/CHS Improvements
  • Fleet Proposal

IV. Approval of Minutes Information/Action

November 17, 2010

V. Campus Administrators & Program Directors Reports Information

A. Technology Director Technology Utilization

B. Career Director & Agri-Science Coordinator Participation

C. Athletic Director(s) Participation

D. Special Populations Director Services

E. Maintenance & Transportation Director Maintenance Reports

F. Learning Resource Center Director Circulation/Programs

G. Band Director Participation

H. Cisco High School Goal(s): Academic Achievement

I. Cisco Learning Center Goal(s): Academic Achievement

J. Cisco Junior High Goal(s): Academic Achievement

K. Cisco Elementary Goal(s): Academic Achievement

VI. Policy Development Information/Action

A. Administrative Regulations/Handbooks

B. Localized Policy Statements

C. Other Possible Policy Matters Miscellaneous Information

  • CISD 2010-2011 Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Update – RF Tracker/SPP Indicator 12 – Corrective Action Plan(s)
  • 2010-2011 CISD Calendar
  • Other Policy Matters

VII. Facilities Information/Action

The Board reserves the right to enter into Executive Session under the authority

of TGC 551.072 –Property Sale & Acquisition

A. Property Acquisition & Disposal

B. Fleet Acquisition and Disposal

C. Other Policy Matters

VIII. Personnel Information/Action

The Board reserves the right to enter into Executive Session under the authority of

TGC 551.074- Personnel.

A. Resignations

B. Employment

C. Reassignments

D. Evaluation/Contracts and/or other Continued Employment:

  • CISD Trustee Self-Evaluation
  • Superintendent Annual Evaluation
  • Professional/Paraprofessional Staff
  • Other Personnel Matters

IX. Miscellaneous Information

  1. TEA Communications
  2. Professional Association/Organization Communications
  3. Other Miscellaneous Local Information