Citations for Cisco Property Code Violations to Begin

3743220218_505d2f98bb_zThe citizens of the city are proud of their city and ask that all cooperate in keeping it clean and free from grass, brush and weeds and other prohibited accumulations. Prohibited growths and accumulations are a breeding ground for rats, mice, mosquitoes, diseases, and are a source of fuel for many fires. Cleaning up your property helps promote the City, your neighborhood, potential business growth and many other things.

You are required to maintain your property so as to comply with Chapter 11, article III of the Code of Ordinances, City of Cisco. Failure to comply with this ordinance, by any person owning or having control over property in Cisco, could result in civil & criminal penalties.

Copies of the ordinances are available through the link above, at City Hall and the Cisco Police Department. There is also a list that has been compiled of people that assist (for profit) in mowing, property clean up, building demolition, and junk vehicles. We would also like to remind you that you are responsible for your curb line, ditches, and half of your alleyway. So be sure to include those areas when mowing.

Without further notice, Officers from the Police Department will issue citations to properties that are in violation. Please do your part in keeping your property clean and help us clean up the city.

City of Cisco Code of Ordinances

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