City Cleanup Effort Underway

Eastland Pride!” founded. First effort scheduled for May 22

Spring means it’s time to pick up and clean up, and an ad hoc group composed of business leaders and a non-profit beautification organization has teamed with the City of Eastland to make clearing property of debris easier. They have initiated the latest city cleanup effort dubbed, Eastland Pride! . The first clean up day is scheduled for May 22 at a temporary disposal site to be located on the 100 block of North Walnut Street.

“The mission of Eastland Pride! is quite straightforward”, said co-founder Tom O’Neil, president of First Financial Bank. “It is simply a joint effort of several interested citizens working with the city who want to see our town united to clean up our yards, streets, commercial sites and empty lots to present our best foot forward for Eastland”.

“Our initial plan is to make it easier for people to clean up their properties by locating large waste disposal bins for their use throughout the city from time to time”, added the other co-founder and head of The Old Toads, Pam Rose. “We can’t cover the entire town at once, so we plan to start with placement of a disposal bin in the northwest part of town and make it available to that neighborhood, free of charge, on May 22. Depending on the how this goes, we hope to expand the cleanup to other areas in the future”, Rose added.

“It was a bit of a coin flip as to where we scheduled the first cleanup day and we settled on the northwest part of town”, said Mark Pipkin, Eastland Mayor. “So we don’t overwhelm the capacity of the first storage bin, we are asking people in the other parts of town not to bring their items in on May 22. If this goes well, we will try to cover the rest of the city with future clean up days so everyone can help in sprucing up our home”, Pipkin added.

The storage bin will be located on the 100 block of North Walnut Street. Beginning at 8:00 AM and lasting until 5:00 PM on May 22, residents living north of Main Street and west of Seaman Street are urged to bring items they would like to clear from their property. While people are urged to take this opportunity to clean up, there are some items that cannot be taken. Tires, batteries, paint, chemicals or any petroleum products cannot be taken. Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units can be taken but only if the Freon is removed. Old lawn mowers and other motorized equipment can also be taken as long as all oil and gasoline is removed.

“Keeping Eastland clean and presentable is important to all of our residents and businesses. This partnership between the business community, non-profit interests and the city seems an ideal way to try to reach that goal. We enthusiastically support Eastland Pride! , as we pile up and pick up to keep Eastland beautiful”, Pipkin remarked.