City of Eastland Enacts K-2 Ban Beginning Monday

This bag of K2 looks pretty innocent doesn't it? But according to law and health officials looks can be deceiving. For this reason, cities statewide are joining at least 11 states in banning this product from being sold, used, or possessed. Eastland's ban begins Monday, October 4, 2010.

The City of Eastland has banned the possession, use or sale of a hallucinogenic drug commonly called K-2 as well as the paraphernalia used to ingest it. Upon final reading of an ordinance on September 29, the City of Eastland followed actions taken by numerous Texas cities and eleven states in banning a product known by many names, but most widely known as K2. The ban will go into effect on Monday, October 4, 2010.

First reading of the ordinance was held during the regular monthly meeting of the Eastland City Commission on September 20 after a briefing by Police Chief Cecil Funderburgh. He said K2 is usually packaged as “herbal incense” but has become a synthetic alternative to marijuana. According to law enforcement and drug prevention organizations, the product is a smokeable, dried herbal blend that has been laced with synthetic chemicals that cause reactions similar to marijuana.

Known under a variety of names such as spice, genie, zohai, sage, spice gold, and most recently K9, this potent product is legally sold across the counters at smoke shops, convenience stores and other places usually from $15 to $40 for a small package.   Studies have shown its effects to be considerably more potent than marijuana. Officials report symptoms after using it can include a rapid heart rate, confusion, hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, seizures and agitations. One death in the Metroplex area is being attributed to use of K2 and numerous emergency rooms throughout the state are reporting an increase in problems caused by its use.

“This stuff has legally slipped in under the radar in Texas and is widely available. We became alarmed when we learned of its harmful effects and were doubly concerned to discover it can presently be purchased here in Eastland”, according to Funderburgh.   “Our City Commission has taken pro-active steps to ban it from our town and I encourage other cities to follow suit”, he added.

The legality of this substance in Texas may be short lived. Reportedly, legislation is being readied for the next session of the state legislature that would enact a statewide ban on the product. Eleven other states have outlawed it.

“Effective Monday, October 4, it will be illegal in Eastland to possess, use or sell the product, or to be in possession, to use or sell any item used or intended to be used to ingest the product in any manner. Anyone violating this local law will be subject to a fine of up to $2,000,” Funderburgh concluded. The ordinance is posted on the city’s website.   K-2 Ordinance

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