City Says 'Help Us Help You' with Leaf/Grease Disposal Tips

With the fall and winter days here, residents have been busy raking and bagging leaves for disposal. But some are putting the leaves directly in the green IESI containers unbagged.

“Leaves should be bagged and placed curbside for pickup on designated pickup dates,” said Eastland City Manager Ron Holliday. “When folks fill up their IESI garbage containers with loose leaves, they are strewn all over the place when the truck dumps the containers. After spending time raking and bagging leaves from your yard, you would be upset if your neighbor’s leaves were scattered over your yard or in the street because they didn’t bag them, so we are asking everyone not to place leaves directly into the containers”, he said.

Just a reminder of the city leaf pick up schedule:
December 28
January 15 & 29
February 12 & 26
March 12 & 26

“We encourage our citizens to take advantage of this service,” Holliday said, “but we cannot stress enough the importance of everyone to follow the necessary steps.”

Persons wishing to have bagged leaves picked up, must call City Hall at 629-8321, at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled pick up date. Bags must then be placed curbside no earlier then the evening before, or no later than 7:30 a.m. on the date of pick up.

Bags must only contain leaves as they will be delivered to a separate composting location. Drivers will have full discretion to determine if bags contain items other than leaves.

Kitchen Grease is Causing Sewer Problems
In other matters, the city has a growing problem with the dumping of kitchen grease down drains. Even if you run hot, soapy water behind the grease, in the cooler weather especially, the grease rapidly cools and clogs sewer lines.
“We have seen these clogs, or grease logs as we call them, as long as four feet in length,” Public Works Director Bobby Jacoby said. “The logs not only can cause a sewer backup in your home, but in your neighbors’ homes as well.”
To properly dispose of kitchen grease, let it cool, then pour or spoon it into disposable containers with lids and place in your regular garbage for pickup by IESI.
“Please help us help you in preventing a sewage issue at your home or in your neighborhood,” Jacoby said, “by following proper this grease disposal.”
For questions on these, or other items, please feel free to call city hall.