City Sets No Parking

Due to egress issues, the City of Eastland has designated the 800 block of West Valley Street as No Parking on either side.

This comes after complaints during the 2009-2010 school year from residents and parents who were concerned for their and others’ safety driving through this area. After some investigation it was determined the dual side parking not only was causing congestion exiting the high school hill, but could also impede emergency vehicles trying to access the area.

The city has also designated the east side of the 500 and 600 blocks of South Ammerman as No Parking areas as well.

No Parking signs are being installed and only a one day grace period of August 23 will be allowed for violators. Repeat offenders will not only be ticketed, but their vehicle can be towed. The registered owner will be responsible for all fines, towing, impound fees.

800 Block of West Valley
500 & 600 Blocks of S. Ammerman