Visionaries In Preservation

Community Visionaries In Preservation Meeting 6 P.M. Tuesday, At Connellee

visionaries Preserving a community’s heritage doesn’t just save a part of the past. Historic preservation is a vital part of a promising future.
Visioning is a tool that brings a community together to develop a shared image of the future and form an action plan for achieving that vision.
The process is based on four simple, yet often overlooked questions:
1. Where are we now?
2. Where are we going?
3. Where do we want to be?
4. How can we get there?
To help answer these and other questions about the Visionaries In Preservation program representatives of the Texas Historical Commission, the City of Eastland, and the Eastland Historic Preservation Board will host a public meeting on Tuesday, October 20 at the Connellee Hotel. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and should last approximately one hour.
“The Eastland Historic Preservation Board would like to invite everyone to join us on Tuesday,” said board President Dean Vernon, “to learn more of how, if selected for this program, the Texas Historical Commission can assist us with preserving our city’s heritage.”
Application was made in September by the City of Eastland and the Eastland Historic Preservation Board, to be accepted into the VIP program. Eastland was one of six applications and only three communities are selected each year.
If selected into the VIP process, citizens of Eastland will devise an achievable action plan to accomplish preservation goals that work for the benefit of the entire community.

Here are some facts you should know, The VIP Top Ten:
Visioning looks forward to the future of your community. VIP is the community planning program of the Texas Historical Commission (THC), the state agency for historic preservation. The VIP process is based on an innovative planning process called visioning. Visioning creates a forum for citizens to brainstorm about what makes your community a wonderful place to live and how to protect and develop those attributes. There is no cost to participate in VIP though membership is limited.
You make up the VIP organization. Your community’s VIP organization is made up of citizens like you who partner with the THC. The purpose of your VIP organization is to help plan how your community will utilize its historic resources to support its values, attract investment and enhance quality of life.
VIP will meet once a month for 7 months. VIP will facilitate a series of substantive monthly workshops shaped to meet your community’s individual preservation needs. VIP’s planning season begins in February and ends in August with the presentation of your community’s preservation Action Plan.
The VIP Action Plan. Through citizen participation, VIP will develop a clear, achievable and realistic historic preservation Action Plan containing preservation goals that the community’s citizens develop and prioritize. The Action Plan provides tools to help your community carry out its top goals. The THC will also post your plan to its website. See plans from other successful VIP communities here:
VIP is not a regulatory program. VIP will not impose any rules and regulations on your community. No one will tell you what you can or cannot do with your property. VIP is simply a planning partnership between your community and the THC. You and your neighbors plan for your future and entirely determine the outcome of VIP.
Planning will help your community’s bottom line. The difference between successful and unsuccessful places is typically how the community embraces and guides change. VIP planning is about protecting the places that make your community special, while anticipating and planning for new appropriate growth and change to occur.
Get assistance beyond planning. The realities of creating a preservation plan and carrying one out are different. VIP has created the Legacy portion of its program. Legacy communities are given additional assistance through training, expert speakers and plan update support.
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. The old axiom is true. VIP offers a brief but vital window of opportunity for your community. Take advantage of the opportunity to affect how your community changes and grows. Participating in VIP can improve your community’s quality of life now and for generations to come.
Take charge of your community. Through the VIP process, citizens will devise an achievable action plan to accomplish preservation goals that work for the benefit of the entire community.
Have your community on your terms. VIP works to help citizens articulate how they would like to see the community develop to ensure the historic fabric of the community is protected. Protecting your historic resources attracts investment