Council Member Reacts to Mayor's Resignation

Reported by Katherine Lane at

“I was just like, ‘What do you mean she’s resigned?’ said Councilman William Destro.

When Destro first heard of Mayor Margaret Green’s resignation, he was in shock.

“Unbelief, is the best way I can say it,” Destro said. “Every person I’ve spoken to, that either came up to me or someone that I’ve talked to, just cannot believe that she has done that.”

The Ranger City Secretary declined to go on camera, but said Monday night’s meeting may have been the final straw for Green. The three councilmen, including Destro, met to discuss filling an open spot on city council. One of the candidates they discussed, was former Mayor John Casey. He suffered a stroke in January, that’s when his Pro Tem Mayor, Green, took his place.

“The issue was that if we were appointing somebody we would like to speak to them, and because he was not available to come to the meeting, we tabled it like you would normally would do in any kind of civic business,” Destro explained. “If you cannot resolve the issue to the satisfaction of council members, you table it and have them come to the next meeting.”

When Green submitted her letter of resignation, she said it was because the council members weren’t cooperating and that she couldn’t work like this anymore.

“There are many times that we don’t agree, that’s what the purpose of a council is for,” Destro said. “You’re supposed to have a sampling of the society that you’re representing and table to views and opinions of those people.”

Ranger residents said Green made them feel comfortable, and was a friend first, mayor second.

“Ranger needs a mayor, a good mayor like Margaret was,” Pat Murray said.

“She was done,” Scott McClure said. “She’s got her more life to live.”

Destro says that Green is leaving office with a clean record in his book. He looks forward to finding her replacement, and moving on.

“There are times in life when you have to rough it out and figure something out,” Destro said. “I think at this point, that is what we have to do.”