Daugherty Street Repairs Beginning

Much anticipated street repairs are about to begin in Eastland according to city officials.

The chip sealing should begin later this week to the gravel area in front of Eastland Memorial Hospital south to the intersection of South Daugherty and Valley streets.

“These repairs are coming none too soon,” said Bobby Jacoby, Director of Public Works, “and we, as well as those who live and or work along these streets, are certainly ready for them.”

The repairs are following major water and sewer line replacements in the areas which began last year under the moniker of the King Kong Project.

“We cannot thank the residents and businesses in these areas for the patience during all of this construction,” said Eastland City Manager Ron Holliday. “We know these have been trying times with all of the dirt, dust and heavy equipment everyone has had to put up with, but really do appreciate their understanding.”

Work may begin as early as this Thursday, but relying on dry weather, and materials deliveries, could be as late as next Monday.

For more information on this or any other city issues, please contact Eastland City Hall at 629-3349.