Eastland Announces Bagged Leaves Pick Up Dates

Leaves have been falling across the country as well as here in Eastland and citizens have, or will soon, begin raking and bagging up the fallen.

With that in mind, the City of Eastland, along with its garbage collection contractor, IESI, have set the following fall bagged leaves pickup schedule:

December 10, December 24

January 14, January 28

February 11, February 25

March 11, March 25

Persons wishing to have bagged leaves picked up by IESI MUST call City Hall: 629-8321 at least 24 hours before the scheduled collection date to be added to the route list. IESI personnel will not pick up bags at addresses not on their lists.

After citizens have placed their call 24 hours prior to a collection date, the bagged leaves may be placed curbside the evening before, or no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of pick up.

Bags must only contain leaves and no other garbage items as the leaves will be sent to a composting site. It will be at the driver’s discretion to determine if there may be other trash included in the bags. Suspect bags will not be picked up.

If all who need to take advantage of this service will note the collection dates, call at least 24 hours prior to a collection date, properly bag leaves only and place them curbside no earlier than the day before a scheduled collection, and no later than 7:00 a.m. the day of collection, everything should work smoothly.

Remember, calling the day OF collection to be added to the list will not work as collection lists will have been distributed for that date.

For other conveniences in leaf and other household trash removal, the City Convenience Center is also available by appointment by calling City Hall at 629-8321.

By using these services provided by the City of Eastland, everyone should have ample opportunity to help keep Eastland clean.