Eastland Centennial Memorial Library

Interesting Finds at the Library Lately

The Texas Sand, the annual for Eastland in the year 1921 can be found in the genealogy department of the library. Inside are very good and new pictures of the Brick School. There are also pictures of West Ward and South Ward which were completed in 1920. This is probably the first year of operations for these two schools.

The faculty page included the following names:

C. A. Peterson, County school Superintendent

Mr. J. C. Allison Principal

H. G. Owen taught Latin

Miss Bell Wilson taught History

Mrs. F. W. Maxwell taught Domestic Art

Mss Maude Shack

W. D. Kuhlman taught Science

Mrs. W. D. Kuhlman taught English

It would take a lot of volunteers to put together a notebook of teachers for each school year but would it not be a great thing to have available to the public especially those interested in genealogy.

Maybe the reunion committee could begin enlisting people to help with the project. I know many people who have old school annuals that they could open and copy the same information and send it to me. I would love to see what would happen. Would you?