Eastland Commissioners' Court meeting

Notice is hereby given that Eastland County Commissioners’ Court will meet in a regular meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, January 25, 2010 in the Eastland County Commissioners’ Courtroom, Eastland, Texas, to consider the following agenda items:

1.Read and sign minutes – County Clerk

2. Public hearing for the purpose of reviewing Eastland County’s performance on a recently completed TxCDBG Disaster Relief grant Contract No. DR728127

3.Notify Court of additional early voting to be held on Saturday for the March 2, 2010 Primary election (County Clerk)

4.Discuss and consider entering into a joint resolution for a Joint Primaries (County Clerk)

5.Discuss and consider entering into a Contract for Election Services with the with the Democratic and Republican Parties (County Clerk)

6.Request approval to change Precinct 8, Cisco Voting Location (County Clerk)

7.Discuss and consider the closing of the County Clerk Office on March 2, 2010 Primary Election day at noon (County Clerk)

8.Discuss and consider approving expenditure(s) from the County Clerk Records Management fund (County Clerk)

9.Presentation of Certificate of Completion for Cathy Jentho, County Clerk

10.Present Racial Profiling Report for Eastland County Sheriff’s Office (Sheriff Bradford)

11.Present 3rd Quarter Jail Commissary and Inmate Review (Assistant Auditor)

12.Discuss and consider executing a contract with Eagle SWS to provide an asbestos survey on the 1st floor (previously Eastland Drug space) of the Courthouse Annex (County Auditor)

13.Jeff Graham, CPA with Condley and Company, LLP to present 2008 independent financial audit

14. 911 Update

15. Update on County Burn Ban

16. Cooperative Dispatch Update

17.Personnel Matters

18.Budgetary and Appropriative Matters
a.Certification of additional revenue
b.Emergency amendments
c.Line item adjustments
d.Auditor/Treasurer report
e.Financial reports

19.Bills, Claims and Accounts

Posted by order of Eastland County Commissioners’ Court

Any of the above and foregoing agenda items, which require action, may be acted upon by the Commissioners’ Court.