Eastland County Commissioners Wrapping Up Fiscal Year

Cisco’s City Manager Jim Baker spoke to the commissioners about his concern for the need of more funding for the Cisco Fire Department from the County. He presented numbers showing that 49% of their calls are within the city limits and 51% are outside the city limits and that.  Baker mentioned that the expenses for the fire department have risen considerably over the past 5 years.   He gave the example of EMS services costing $25,000 five years ago and today that same service costs the city $35,000.   Mr. Baker stated that the burden of these rising costs was falling more and more on the citizens of Cisco.    No discussion or action was taken by the commissioners.

Cisco Economic Development Corp Director John Diers reported that Cisco had committed to investing $300,000 in a project to bring a Supermarine Aircraft plant to the City of Cisco from Australia. They are looking to put a 12,000 square foot hanger/office at the Cisco airport. The plant looks to hire 21 employees in the beginning.  The county passed a resolution endorsing the plant.

No action was taken on an item to consider hiring a temporary employee as it is no longer needed.

County Road and bridge fees were left the same as they had been in years past.

County Commissioners voted to leave the sheriff raise at 3% which is the same as the other elected officials. Judge Fields explaining  to the public why the District Attorney  and District Judge’s salaries were listed as $3,515 last year and a proposed $3,620.45 this year, stated that the state pays the District Attorney and District Judge salary and the amount listed is a supplement paid by the county primarily to cover insurance.

No bids were received to remodel exiting space in the Courthouse Annex (brick work) and a motion was made and approved to put this out for bids again.

Only one bid was received  to chipseal a .10 mile of County Road 561 for $9,079.50. The bid was accepted

Motion was approved to advertise for bids to purchase a used soil compactor.

Motion was approved to advertise for bids to purchase a new ½ ton pickup and used 1-ton pickup.

Motion was approved to hire one regular full time and one temporary road hand position from existing applicants rather than advertising for new applicants.

Motion was made and approved to enter a formal request for unclaimed funds from the Texas State Comptroller’s office to be used for the Children’s Advocacy Center.

The burn ban is still off. Judge Fields wants to remind citizens to call dispatch and your local fire department before burning brush piles.

The Commissioners worked on reducing next years budget and set up another budget meeting for August 6.

After tabling Item #7 on the agenda earlier in the meeting, the commissioners came back to it and discussed the 2011 salaries  for Elected Officials, and voted to set them at the proposed rate.

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