Eastland County Commissioners' Court

Notice is hereby given that Eastland County Commissioners’ Court will meet in a regular meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, September 13, 2010 in the Eastland County Commissioners’ Courtroom, Eastland, Texas, to consider the following agenda items:

1. Read and sign minutes – County Clerk

2. Discuss and consider replacing HVAC units in the Adult CSCD Office 5th floor Courthouse Annex (Chief Community Supervision Officer David Cherry)

3. Discuss and consider waiving employment advertising for Road Hand position (Commissioner Pittman)

4. District Clerk to file order setting salaries for County Auditor, Assistant Auditors, Court Reporter and Court Coordinator

5. Open and accept bids to purchase one used vibrating smooth drum roller for Precinct 4 (County Auditor)

6. Open and accept bids to purchase one used 1-ton crew cab pickup for Precinct 1 (County Auditor)

7. Open and accept bids to purchase one new 3/4-ton crew cab pickup for Precinct 1 (County Auditor)

8. Discuss and consider Cooperative Ambulance Service Contract (County Clerk)

9. Discuss and consider executing Department of State Health ervices Contract for Vital Statistics (County Clerk)

10. Present Archived books to Court and request approval to expend County Clerk Archival Funds and County Clerk Record Management Funds (County Clerk)

11. Discuss and consider 2011 Holiday Schedule (County Clerk)

12. Accept Resignation of Precinct 8 – Cisco Alternate Election Judge and appoint to fill vacancy (County Clerk)

13. Discuss and consider granting a competitive bidding exemption for food items purchased by the Jail (Sheriff Bradford and County Auditor)

14. Discuss and consider interval for soliciting bids for food purchases and approve form to record solicited bids from vendors (Sheriff Bradford and County Auditor)

15. 911 Update

16. Cooperative Dispatch Update

17. Update on County Burn Ban

18. Personnel Matters

19. Budgetary and Appropriative Matters
a. Certification of additional revenue
b. Emergency amendments
c. Line Item adjustments
d. Auditor/Treasurer report
e. Investment report
f. Financial reports

20. Bills, Claims and Accounts

Posted by order of Eastland County Commissioners’ Court

Any of the above and foregoing agenda items, which require action, may be acted upon by the Commissioners’ Court.