Eastland County Commissioners' Court Agenda

Notice is hereby given that Eastland County Commissioners’ Court will meet in a regular meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, July 12, 2010 in the Eastland County Commissioners’ Courtroom, Eastland, Texas, to consider the following agenda items:

  1. Read and sign minutes – County Clerk
  2. Discuss and consider loss control report (Ron Shuffield, TAC Loss Control)
  3. Discuss and consider purchase of equipment at public auction for Precinct 2
  4. Discuss and consider accepting donation of road millings from Big Creek Construction for Precinct 2
  5. Discuss and consider approving road crossing for WestBound Water Supply on CR 176 (Commissioner Pittman)
  6. Discuss and consider approving road crossing with a communication line by Windstream Communication on CR 268 in Precinct 3 (County Clerk)
  7. Discuss and consider taking action to change the Gorman Precinct 5 polling place name from the Gorman Senior Citizens Center to Gorman Community Center (County Clerk)
  8. Report on Salary Grievance Committee (County Clerk)
  9. Discuss and consider vehicle maintenance and repair (Sheriff Bradford)
  10. Discuss and consider approving Sheriff’s fees for 2011 (Sheriff Bradford)
  11. Discuss and consider temporary employee for Justice Court Administration to fill in if needed (Judge White)
  12. Discuss Texas Association of Counties Health and Employee Benefits Pool Group Health Insurance rate increase for fiscal year 2011 (County Auditor)
  13. Discuss and consider enrollment period for Group Health Insurance and optionals (County Auditor)
  14. Discuss and consider cafeteria plan administrator for fiscal year 2011 (County Auditor)
  15. Discuss and consider vendors to provide optional insurance for county employees through payroll deductions (County Auditor)
  16. Discuss and consider signing contract with Comptrollers Office for SECO grant
  17. Discuss and consider ratifying LPG tank lease for dispatch at Western Tower site
  18. Discuss and consider replacement of exterior glass door on Courthouse Annex with wood door (County Auditor)
  19. Open and accept bids for removal and replacement of exterior glass door on Courthouse Annex (County Auditor)
  20. 911 Update
  21. Cooperative Dispatch Update
  22. Update on County Burn Ban
  23. Personnel Matters
  24. Budgetary and Appropriative Matters
    a. Certification of additional revenue
    b. Investment Report
    c. Emergency amendments
    d. Line item adjustments
    e. Auditor/Treasurer report
    f. Financial reports
  25. Bills, Claims and Accounts

Posted by order of Eastland County Commissioners’ Court

Any of the above and foregoing agenda items, which require action, may be acted upon by the Commissioners’ Court.