Eastland County Commissioners' Court

Notice is hereby given that Eastland County Commissioners’ Court will meet in a regular meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 23, 2010 in the Eastland County Commissioners’ Courtroom, Eastland, Texas, to consider the following agenda items:

1.Read and sign minutes – County Clerk

2. Discuss and consider “Property Inspections and Recommendations” report from Texas
Association of Counties (Sandy Cagle and Loretta Key)

3. Discuss and consider rural fire aid (Ranger, Olden, Gorman, Desdemona, Carbon and Rising
Star Volunteer Fire Departments)

4.Open and accept bids to clean the exterior brick on the Courthouse Annex (County Auditor)

5.Open and accept bids to remove and replace one existing storefront in the Courthouse Annex (County Auditor)

6.Discuss and consider modifying court action in renaming of CR 177 in Precinct 4 for 9-1-1 addressing purposes

7.Discuss and consider approving road crossing agreement on CR 414 Precinct 3 (Commissioner Cummings)

8.Discuss and consider disposal of hazardous chemicals at Precinct 3 County Barn (Commissioner Cummings)

9.Discuss and consider signing Inmate Healthcare Resolution

10.Discuss and consider entering into a credit agreement with Grandpaw’s Tool Shed Rental, Inc. (County Auditor)

11.Discuss and consider amending the FY 2011 proposed budget to include Help America Vote Act (HAVA) grant income and expenditures (County Clerk’s office)

12.Discuss and consider appointing 2010-2011 County Election Officials for General and Special Elections (County Clerk’s office)

13.Discuss and consider appointing Early Ballot Board and Central Counting Station Officials (County Clerk’s office)

14.Discuss and consider designating Eastland County Polling Locations (County Clerk’s office)

15.Discuss and consider executing an Addendum to the Warranty, Support, and License Agreement with Hart InterCivic for Election equipment (County Clerk’s office)

16.Discuss and consider authorization to extend hardware warranty for Election equipment (Eslates and JBC’s) – County Clerk’s office

17.Discuss and consider approving expenditure from Election Services funds to purchase epoll books and subscriptions for epoll books (County Clerk’s office)

18.Public Hearing: Grant Performance and closeout on recently completed TxCDBG Disaster Relief Grant Contract No DR 728137

19.Discuss and consider end of fiscal year financial procedures (County Auditor)

20.911 Update

21.Cooperative Dispatch Update

22.Update on County Burn Ban

23.Personnel Matters

24.Budgetary and Appropriative Matters
a.Certification of additional revenue
b.Emergency amendments
c.Line Item adjustments
d.Auditor/Treasurer report
e.Investment report
f.Financial reports

25.Bills, Claims and Accounts

Posted by order of Eastland County Commissioners’ Court

Any of the above and foregoing agenda items, which require action, may be acted upon by the Commissioners’ Court.