Eastland ISD Board Meeting Agenda

The Eastland Independent School District Board of Trustees will meet in regular session, Monday, July 19, 2010 at 6:30 p.m., in the conference room of the administration building. The following business will be considered:

1.Call meeting to order
2.Open Forum
3.Consent Items
a. Approve minutes of previous meetings
b. Review and approve payment of bills
c. Accept quarterly investment report
4.Recognize Gold Leadership Award
5.Reading report 2009-2010
6.Approve district plan
7.Review Comprehensive Need Assessment
8.Review and approve School Board Operating Procedure
9.Accept FIRST report
10.Authorize superintendent to select energy provider
11.Review and update on grants
12.CScope update/staff development
13.Discuss budget and budget calendar of meetings
14.Superintendent’s Report
a.Accountability calendar
b.Cafeteria prices
c.Concession stand-FFA
d.Policy research
a.Ratify resignations
b.Employment of personnel
16. Adjournment

Donald W. Hughes
Eastland ISD

If during the course of the meeting, any discussion of an item on the agenda should be held in closed session, the Board will convene in such closed session in accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551-Subchapter D of the Texas Education Code.