Eastland ISD Implements CSOPE Curriculum

c_scope_logo_whiteEastland ISD has purchased and began implementing a new Kindergarten-12th grade curriculum. This curriculum will be the basis for our Math, Science, and Social Studies classes for the 2009-2010 school year, and English Language Arts and Reading curriculum will be fully implemented for the 2010-2011 school year.

Currently there are approximately 600 school districts that are using CSCOPE, and 15 of the 20 Education Service Centers across the state will support CSCOPE as the curriculum of choice in their areas this year.  More than 1,000,000 Texas students will be educated using CSCOPE in their classes in 2009-2010.

CSCOPE, developed by Texas Education Service Centers and a team of content experts, is a comprehensive, customized, user-friendly curriculum management system built on the most current research-based practices in the field. The primary focus of CSCOPE is to impact instructional practices in the classroom to improve student performance.

At the heart of the CSCOPE process is a guaranteed & viable curriculum. Content area experts ensure quality through a process of continual review.
The CSCOPE curriculum is comprised of several key components which are:

  • Aligned written, taught, and tested curriculum
  • Clarified and specified TEKS/TAKS expectations assembled in a vertical alignment formal
  • Customizable instructional plans that allow district resources to be integrated into the system
  • A K-12 systemic model in the four core content are
  • Common language, structure, and process for curriculum delivery

Eastland ISD’s primary reasons for choosing to purchase and implement CSCOPE in our district is to align the curriculum in our core subject areas from 12th grade all the way to Kindergarten so our students will be better prepared for high stakes, standardized tests by being exposed to all of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in a spiraling, systematic manner, and to promote post secondary readiness for college or work.

CSCOPE implementation comes with controversy. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are taught in a student centered rather than teacher centered manner. Students are expected to investigate, manipulate and discover concepts that develop into skills. This type of learning keeps students engaged and using critical thinking skills. CSCOPE is comprised of a highly developed scope and sequence, a yearly plan for instruction, and vertical alignment documents that are all aligned with TEKS to provide exemplar lessons.

Marzano (2003) reports that a guaranteed and viable curriculum is the  school-level factor in determining overall student achievement. Instructional strategies and classroom curriculum design are two of the most important teacher-level factors affecting student academic achievement (Marzano, 2003).

If you have questions please feel free to contact Rebecca Hallmark, Assistant Superintendent at 254-631-5140.

For more information please visit the Eastland ISD website at: http://www.eastland.esc14.net/vnews/display.v/SEC/EISD%20Home%20Page%7CCSCOPE