Eastland Rotary Club Meeting Features Julie Elrod

submitted by Clint Coffee

The Eastland Rotary Club recently conducted their regular Thursday meeting while enjoying Chicken Breast and potato salad prepared at The Lakeside Country Club. The regular business session was opened by Club President Saul Pullman and the invocation led by Jim Bruton. Seventeen members and 4 guests were present. Special guest Keeley Lowrance the club sweetheart and Eastland High School Senior was also present.
After lunch the Club was pleased to host Julie Elrod as a guest speaker. Julie is a long time Eastland County resident and the “webmaster” for the Eastland Spin website as well as owner of Microplex News an online news forum covering Eastland County.

Julie led an interesting discussion regarding the evolution of the Eastland Spin. She noted it is a well used and well visited Portal. She believes it serves a very useful purpose allowing local residents to voice opinions and concerns in a “safe” format. She noted many issues had been debated and sometimes resolved on the sight. Many times issues have been clarified or facts “set straight” because the “site” is self policing.

Julie feels that sometimes the “Spin” gets an unfair reputation. She noted the site is only a forum and the site in and of itself does not create anything. She admits occasionally people will post content that is not well thought out, but overall believes the”good” derived from the site greatly outweighs the “bad”.
Julie also discussed her Microplex News site and how with technology it is getting much easier to provide information and news in almost “real time”. She also noted advances in audio streaming have allowed her the ability to stream both Cisco and Strawn football games while the games were not being played on the radio. Julie obviously greatly enjoys technology and her discussion on its uses was superb.

The Eastland Rotary Club meets every Thursday at 12:00 at the Lakeside Country Club. For more information please visit our website at www.eastlandrotary.com.