Eastland Water Update!

A major water line leak to the City of Eastland has caused a bit of concern for authorities now that repairs are delayed.

According to the Eastland County Water Supply District the repairs to the 14 inch main feed line to the City of Eastland have been delayed until possible Tuesday morning.

Water customers in Eastland, Olden and Carbon are being urged to curtail ALL unnecessary water usage such as lawn watering, washing cars, etc., until the repairs can be completed.

Many reports of abusers are being made to the Eastland City Hall, Police Department and dispatch.

“This is a voluntary request,” said Eastland Police Chief Cecil Funderburgh, “but we would hope everyone would use some common sense during this time. Apparently a few either are not aware of the issue, or do not care.”

After discovering the break last week, temporary repairs were made to allow the filling of the two storage tanks for the City of Eastland and then the main feed would be turned off until the permanent repairs are completed. During this time the city will be solely supplied by the stored water only. This is the reason for the request for curtailing unnecessary useage.

Numerous notifications through the Eastland Code Red System have been made to residents and businesses in the city to give alert to the water situation.

Once the permanent repairs are made and the water supply can be turned on, the Code Red System will again be used to inform citizens.

If you should have questions or comments, please contact City Hall at 629-3349.