Eastland’s Movie Gallery Closing

With the onslaught of movie rentals from a vending machine at $1.00 each in a convenient shopping location,  businesses like Netflix and Blockbuster offering instant watch and movies in your mailbox with no late fees,  and satellite and cable offering pay-per-view, and video-on-demand….. who is left to plod down to the local movie store?

The first of the movie rental stores in Eastland came in the early 80’s, but after Movie Gallery’s move into Eastland, the last of the independently owned rental stores closed their doors.  Now Movie Gallery is the one having a tough time competing with the newer options of movie delivery.   On February 2, Movie Gallery Inc., filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.   This action will enable Movie Gallery to restructure its debt while continuing to operate its business.   Movie Gallery’s restructuring will also include the immediate liquidation and closure of approximately 760 Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video and Game Crazy stores.   According to Move Gallery’s web site, they are closing these stores because they are not profitable and the liquidation of them will help them move forward.   Among those closings is the Eastland, TX location which has 2 employees and 1 manager.    Both Cisco and Breckenridge will still remain open and the Eastland employees have the option to relocate to the Breckenridge store, but according to one employee, the distance to Breckenridge wouldn’t make it worth it.   The Cisco location has no openings.

At present, Eastland’s Movie Gallery is still renting out movies through this week and with the store wide sale going on, now is the time to grab up those DVD’s you’ve been wanting to add to your collection.