ECWSD Issues TCEQ Required Water Quality Notice

No Health Hazards in Drinking Water

Stephanie Posey, Plant Superintendent at the Eastland County Water Supply District notified the cities of Eastland and Ranger of a water quality test failure on December 8.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) sets minimum standards and testing procedures for public drinking water. Test results showed the Eastland County Water Supply District failed to meet the minimum treatment technique requirements on December 8, 2009. Specifically, tests taken at the plant indicated the water system failed to properly disinfect the drinking water for a period of more than four hours.

“There are five water quality tests performed daily at the plant,” Posey stated, “and one of the chlorine tests taken showed a result of zero, which actually can’t be possible.”
Another test for chlorine level showed no problem.

“I am confident there is/was no problem with the water and no danger to the public – that it was a problem with improperly performing the test,” she added.

Posey assured the cities of Eastland and Ranger that proper test procedures have been followed in subsequent tests and all staff are familiar with proper testing protocol.