EHS Class of 1960 Cemetery Project

During the 2005 Eastland High School homecoming, the Class of 1960 decided they wanted to take on a project to give something to the City of Eastland. It was decided that they wanted to have street signs in the Eastland Cemetery, making it easier for genealogists and family members to find a grave.  Linda Boose took the project to former class member Don Wilson who had just started his new job as Eastland City Manager.  After some research and coming up with an estimated cost of  $4,200 for 39 signs, The Class of 1960 raised $4,500 in funds in a little over 2-1/2 months.  There was discussion on what to name the streets and it was decided to name the streets after Texas rivers since, as Linda Boose said, “Everybody in West Texas wants to be near water”.  The street names run in alphabetical order .  The main entrance street is named Leon in honor of the Leon River which runs through Eastland.

Joe Bond Fencing provided a hole digger with operator for digging 39 holes.  PB Fencing (Pat Boyd) poured all the concrete for each of the street sign poles.   Higginbotham Bros.  provided some reduced price material for the project.   Tom and Linda Kruger and Hayden Wilson helped with setting the poles and installing the actual street signs.   Don Wilson donated much of his time to help with the planning and installation of the signs.

Richard Rossander, Larry Vernon, Mark Pipkin, Don Wilson, Linda Boose, Norman Owen

Don Wilson and Linda Boose, representing the Class of 1960, were at the Eastland City Comissioners’ meeting this past Monday night to present the city with a check in the amount of $769.49.  This money was the amount left over after the project was completed, partially due to donated material, equipment and volunteer labor.  The money is to be earmarked for use in maintaining the existing signs or adding more in the future.  Don told the Commissioners that he had heard many nice comments about the new street signs but was asked why there wasn’t a Perdernales St.  He assured everyone that Perdernales St. was in the plans for the future.

Current Class Roll:  Marvin Agnew, Colene Newnham Barnett, Linda Huckabay Boose, Richard Connell, Beverly Moser Copeland, Roma Kay Plowman Cozart, Martha Freese Crabtree, Ina Hunt Craighead, Martin Day, Joyce Graham Elmore, Don Hazard, Jan Robertson Hobbs, Jimmy Jiminez, Rev. John Jones, Betty Young Keith, Nathan Kidd, Truman Lane, Victor Latham, Dr. Phillip Lewis, Gary Lusk, Fred Miller, Bob Phillips, Denny Jack Pugh, Oran Rhodes, Gerry Haynes Robertson, Willene Lee Rodgers, Jim Stambaugh, Freddie A. Stroud, Linda McCullough Tubbs, Fay Phelps Tucker, Peggy Humphreys Van Geem, Odie White, David Whitten, Don T. Wilson, John T. Wilson

EHS Class of 1960 Front Row L-R: Linda McCullough Tubbs, Jan Robertson Hobbs, Roma Kay Plowman Cozart, Linda Huckabay Boose, Charlotte Vaught Young (deceased), Gerry Haynes Robertson, Beverly Moser Copeland, Betty Young Keith, Colene Newnham Barnett, Willene Lee Rogers, Ina Hunt Reed Craighead, Judy Hassell (deceased) Middle Row: Freddie Stroud, Oran Wayne Rhodes, Phillip Lewis, Gary Lusk, Don Hazard, Back Row: Johnny Jones, Odie White, Victor Latham, David Whitten, Marvin Agnew, Martin Day, Bob Phillips, Otis Green (deceased), Fred Miller, John Wilson, Richard Connell, Don Wilson, Vernon Cherry (deceased), Ronald Yancey


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