Fashion Show With Plenty Of Style

The 2nd Annual Fall Fashion show was held on Saturday, August 7th at the Eastland High School Auditorium. The event was organized to promote local clothing stores. The event would not have been possible without the following retailers and volunteers: The Polkadot Patch, Greer’s Western Store, Goodwill, Wal-Mart, The Hip Chick Boutique, Eastland Office Supply, Merle Norman (Amy’s Cards and Gifts), Angela Robinson, Pam Rose, Monti Pogue, Marci Pearson, Eastland I.S.D, and Kayci Cunningham. A fashion show isn’t a fashion show without models…The Polkadot Patch models: Mindy, Ryleigh, and Blaize Whitaker, Laura and Lauryne Hobbs, Isabella Earle, Jennifer and Kase Kirkland, Alexis Menzies, Madison Moreno, Jayce and Jaylee White, Danetra and Za’Nyea Dunn, and Halli Barker. Wal-Mart models: Xana Stephens, Julie and Allie Hodge. Greer’s: Becky Rossander, Brycie Bowles, Sam Barker, Maykayla Pippen, Gus Barker, Ellie Pitts, Morgan Barker, Travis Pitts, Lauren Jordan, Whitney Hurd, Hannah Jordan, and Roberta Broussard. Goodwill models: Ske McCown, Corbin, Mystic, and Tucker McClintock. Hip Chick Boutique models: Shelby Reagan, Symantha Terrell, Kirsti Verner, Brittany Smith, Samantha Keith, Brittany Sharp, Lexi Wayley, Jillian, Molly, Jayden Kennedy, Caitlan Hullum, Mackenzie Gulley, and Tanya Patton. Last, but certainly not least, a warm, fuzzy thank you goes to Amy Dame for her cutting edge commentary and show line up. Don’t forget tax free weekend is August 20-22; happy shopping!!!

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