Favre signs with Vikings

Brett Favre is coming back for more.

The 39-year-old quarterback turned his back on retirement for the second time in as many years, agreeing Tuesday to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

“I felt I did everything I possibly could do to get where I need to be,” Favre said at his introductory news conference Tuesday. “You’re 39, your arm may not feel like it did at 21. But the pieces are in place that you don’t have to do that much and I agree with that.

“If they were willing to take that chance, I was, too.”

Favre finally decided that he didn’t want to live with regrets.

“I don’t know how I’ll feel a year from now, five years from now, but I didn’t want to say what if,” he said.

The Vikings will pay Favre $12 million this year and $13 million next season, sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen and ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The contract does not contain performance bonuses.

Because Favre is a vested veteran, the $12 million is guaranteed for this season if he is on the opening day roster. This also applies to the $13 million 2010 deal. This year, $6 million is guaranteed for skill and injury, meaning that if he is bad during the next few weeks, the Vikings can’t get out for less than $6 million.favre