Final Pressure Relief Valve Installed

Fourteen was the magic number this week as the final pressure reducing valve, number 14, was installed.

Darnell and Dickson crews began the task last week with the excavating around the main supply line to the city located north of the Connellee Hotel and behind the Majestic Theatre. A crane was brought in on Friday, Dec. 10 to set the large concrete box containing the prv beside the 24 inch water line. Crews had hoped to have the installation completed by Friday afternoon but time just wasn’t on their side and the final installation work had to be postponed until Monday afternoon.

At 5 p.m. on Monday the water flow was turned off and crews began removing a section of the 90 plus year old water line (shown in photo to the far right). Work continued late into the night as crews completed the installation and the water flow to the city was resumed.

The City of Eastland would like to apologize to any water service customers for any inconvenience this installation may have caused.

“We made ever attempt to cause as little disruption of service to our customers,” said Eastland City Manager Ron Holliday, “unfortunately this type of work comes with the disadvantage of having to possible inconvenience some. We always strive to make these interruptions as minimal as possible and we certainly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.”