“It was a rousing success!” said Eastland City Manager Ron Holliday when asked how the first EASTLAND PRIDE! Cleanup went on Saturday, May 22.

“With the great public and private partnership between First Financial Bank, the Eastland Old Toads,” he said, “and the assistance from the city, we could not have asked for a better event.”

Holliday reported the 40 yard dumpster, provided by First Financial Bank, was filled to overflowing capacity early Saturday morning and additional items were hauled by pickups and trailers, 37 loads to be exact, to the City Convenience Center.

Thanks to the efforts of Tom O’Neil of First Financial Bank, Pam Rose of the Old Toads, and city staff including Holliday, Bobby Jacoby, Bill Dolen and Chief Cecil Funderburgh, this first EASTLAND PRIDE! has been declared a great success.

“The city is glad to lend support to this first EASTLAND PRIDE! cleanup,” Holliday said, “and we look forward to the next one and the next one and the next one! Let’s make sure EASTLAND PRIDE! continues to thrive!