Gordon Flushes Sewer Rumors

A dozen or more local citizens were at the Gordon City Council meeting Monday night to get to the heart of many of the rumors going around town about the new sewer system going in.

The first action taken by the council was to set up a sign in sheet and a time limit for anyone wanting to speak during the public portion of the meeting. Those wanting to speak will be limited to three minutes. No action can be taken by the board on any items brought up during this portion of the meeting.

Sandy Stringer, on the agenda to have portions of Bell, Cypress and Austin Streets closed, was not at the meeting.  The person who had complaints about the lift station at the R.V. park was not at the meeting.

The board reinstated the curfew ordinance and approved the bids for phase 3 of the community center.  All other old and new business items on the agenda were tabled.

At the end of the meeting several citizens expressed concern about things they had heard concerning the process of changing over from septic to the city’s new sewer system.  Water Superintendent Ken Epperson, City Secretary Barbara Epperson and the council members answered questions posed by those in attendance.  Here are some of the facts about the new sewer system:

  • It is not true that you have to remove or fill in your septic tank.
  • There will be no fee imposed by the city for hooking up to the sewer system.
  • Each resident will be responsible for the expense of running a sewer line from their house to the tap.
  • There is not yet a specific deadline for hooking up to the sewer but it is true that everyone will eventually have to get on the system. In order to get the grant for the sewer plant the agreement was that all residents would hook up to the sewer system.
  • There has not been a discussion by the city to fine people who don’t get on the sewer system.
  • Although it is not “written in stone” according to City Secretary Barabara Epperson, they have been told that the cost for sewer will be a flat rate of $15 plus $2.05 per thousand gallons of water usage.   Instead of imposing any sort of fine for not hooking up, it was discussed at the meeting that the city may have to eventually charge each household the proposed $15 minimum for sewer whether they have hooked up or not.  There are 260 taps in the grant.  The way the city will pay back the loan portion of the project is to collect a sewer fee on each of those taps.
  • Sewer hookup is not required for vacant lots.
  • The sewer project is scheduled to be complete sometime around April 2011.

If anyone has any further questions about the sewer system they can call City Hall at 254-693-5676.

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