How Do Others See You?

Have others seen action in your life to cause them to Thank God for you?

The everyday life of a Christian should show to those around them a strong faith in God. There should be evidence of a new attitude toward other people. The phone should ring and prayer request be given because you are known to be one who does intercessory prayer on the behalf of others. People might have a strong desire to confide in you because they know you are an understanding person. The hope in your life for a better day and a better way should be evident because of the smiles on your face.

To be a real influence on people there must be a power that comes from God and a spiritual insight into the affairs of this world. There should be a humility and submission to God’s plan rather than proud and “do it my way or else.” Belief in God’s control gives people the ability to continue even in difficult times.

Within a group of Christians others must be able to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and it must be real and vital in the heart and soul of those in the congregation.