King Kong Changes Eastland Skyline

After two years of studies, head scratching and consultations, the City of Eastland took a big step towards improving the city water system back in December 2009 when they approved the construction of a brand new water storage tower atop Park Hill.

The $1.1 million dollar project was awarded to Kentucky based Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors Inc. and is a major element of the King Kong project that will also include the rehabilitation of the one million gallon water storage tank on the east side of the city as well as major water and sewer line improvements.

The new tower will not only improve drinking water quality, but coupled with the water line replacement portion of the King Kong project currently underway, it will help improve the water pressure throughout the city.

Funding for the new tower will come from a combination of the low interest loan acquired from the Texas Water Development Board last year and required local matching funds contained in the City’s current budget. The new tower has a life expectancy of about 100 years.