King Kong Spotted Moving Slowly From Neblett Towards Daugherty

It is being reported that King Kong has come down off Park Hill and is about to start making his way back towards Daugherty along Plummer.

Crews continue battling the elements and have now turned east on Plummer with the replacement of the 12” water main in the general area of Neblett and Madera while additional crews will be boring on Plummer between Ostrom and Daugherty.

At other locations crews will be loading, disinfecting and pressure testing the 6” main on South Seaman between Valley and Garvin, and along Conner between Seaman and Bassett.

Additional boring work will be in progress on Marsh St. between Pershing and Foch.

Other crews have begun the foundation work for the new water tower at the park with the pedestal construction set to begin mid-April.

Please remember when travelling in these ‘construction’ areas to be on the alert and watch for crew members as well as heavy equipment.

Residents and businesses in the areas are also reminded water service interruptions may be necessary at times during the work.

For questions or comments please contact Eastland City Hall at 629-3349.