Road construction around Eastland Hospital

Where will KING KONG be this week?
1. North College(Hwy. 3101) from Main Street to the Railroad
2. Old Bankhead Highway Behind Goodwill/Hardin’s BBQ
3. Daugherty St. from Commerce to Plummer

Darnell and Dickson will continue to test and disinfect the mains on College St.(Hwy 3101).  Crews will continue work on the Old Bankhead Hwy.

**Starting Monday, January 4, 2010 major work will begin on South Daugherty from Commerce to Plummer. Persons visiting the hospital for NON EMERGENCY visits should be aware of the street closure and detour via Walnut Street to the Church of Christ parking lot directly across the street from the front hospital entrance. You may also park in the Wellness Center lot on Plummer Street and enter through the Wellness Center.

EMERGENCY traffic ONLY should enter from behind the hospital using the Olive Street entrance and proceed to the Ambulance entrance into the emergency room. Once you have delivered your passenger seeking emergency treatment, you must immediately remove your vehicle to one of the hospital parking areas. This will allow the ambulances free access to and from the E.R.**

As a necessary element of these projects, your water service may be temporarily interrupted. The City will make every effort to make these interruption periods as short as possible.  It is a good idea for everyone in the general vicinity of the project to keep some bottled water on hand or a container of fresh drinking water in their refrigerators.

The King Kong project is expected to continue in various areas of the city into the spring of 2010.

If you have a question about the ongoing work, please feel free to contact City Hall at 254-629-3349 Monday through Friday, 8 to 5.