King Kong Work Continues In City

Where will KING KONG be this coming week?
1. North College from Main Street to the Railroad
2. Bankhead Highway Behind Goodwill/Hardin’s BBQ
3. South Daugherty Street from Valley to Plummer

Street boring will continue along North College Street (FM 3101) north to the railroad tracks. Boring, in areas, may be on both sides of the street.
Other work will begin on the old Bankhead Highway behind Goodwill and Hardin’s BBQ.

City crews will begin removing brick along a section of South Daugherty Street north from Valley to Plummer to prepare for utility line replacement in this area. This section of street will remain gravel until the weather warms next spring when all streets stripped of brick and asphalt for the King Kong project will be resurfaced.

Please be cautious in these areas and watch your speed as well as keep an eye out for the crews and equipment.
As a necessary element of this project, your water service may be temporarily disconnected.   The City will make every effort to make these disconnect periods as short as possible.  It is a good idea for everyone in the general vicinity of the project to keep some bottled water on hand or a container of fresh drinking water in their refrigerators.

“We have been pleased with the quality of work so far,” said Public Works employee Billy King. “The contracted crews have worked closely with the city to help us keep the public informed and this has prevented any major issues. There have been very few complaints from the public and we hope it remains that way throughout this long project.”

The King Kong project is expected to continue in various areas of the city through sometime in early 2010.

If you have a question about the ongoing work, please feel free to contact City Hall at 254-629-3349 Monday through Friday, 8 to 5.