Kong Continues Despite Rains

Businesses and residents in the King Kong Project areas are reminded to keep a good supply of fresh drinking water as well as a supply of flushing water on hand in the event of a service interruption. Crews attempt to keep the interruptions as minimal as possible, but unexpected issues could result in longer water outages.

Crews will continue with the installation of the 12 inch water main along Plummer from Walnut to Dixie.

Additional crews will continue with the installation of the new 6 inch water main along Marsh between Foch and Sadosa. Tie ins will also continue and residents could experience service interruptions for up to 5 hours.

Installation will continue on the new 6 inch water main along Halbryan between Conner and Pershing as well as along North Lamar from Moss to Kossouth.

Tie over of services to the new water main along Daugherty from Plummer to Valley and along Valley from Daugherty to Dixie. PRVs will be installed at Commerce and Daugherty. Expect service interruptions periodically in these areas.

Work continues at Park Hill on the new water tower as crews finish with the pouring of the base the tank will actually sit on atop the pedestal. The tank pieces are on site and will begin being assembled in the next few weeks. Once assembled, the tank will be painted with the logo selected recently by the city and then raised up the pedestal to the top.

With the construction of the new water tower underway, the normal traffic route around the City Park will be interrupted throughout the summer.

Citizens and visitors need to be observant of all traffic signs and personnel as well as the movement of heavy equipment and vehicles in the area.

General traffic not allowed in the immediate area of the construction site.

One-Way traffic flows to be converted to Two-Way in some areas.

Watch for signs!

Please remember when travelling in these construction areas to be on the alert and watch for crew members as well as heavy equipment, trenches, etc.

For questions or comments please contact Eastland City Hall at 629-3349.