Kong Uncovers Part of City’s Past; Continues Covering Up Future

Recently the King Kong Project made a startling discovery that would be worthy of an archeologist’s dig in other worlds.

While digging for installation of a new water line in the alley north of the First United Methodist Church, crews struck wood. Nothing unusual there, just dig anywhere around the city and surely you will find tree roots and other manners of the material.

But, this was not your ordinary piece of wood. The square 2 foot section turned out to be a wooden water pipe. Yes, you read right. A wooden water pipe.

According to City Public Works employee Billy King, many pieces of wooden pipe have been found over the years throughout the city.

“We have dug up pieces of large 4 and 6 inch wooden pipe,” he said, “near Brookshires and other places around town over the years. None have been in as good of shape as this piece found this week.”

City officials have contacted the Texas Historic Commission to gather information on how to preserve the piece to be put on display.[imagebrowser id=66]


For the week of September 27, 2010 Kong crews will be laying a new 6 inch water line along South Madera from Plummer to Sadosa and residents and travelers in the area are cautioned to be observant of flag men, equipment and open cut trenches as this work progresses. EXPECT ONE LANE CLOSURES.

Additional crews will be testing, disinfecting and tie ins along a new water main installed at the far west end of Plummer.

Tie ins to existing mains will be started along West Valley and testing and disinfection of a new main along West Plummer from Daugherty to Neblett.

Asphalt crews will continue working at Seaman and Conner, along College from Commerce to Railroad Ave., and on East Plummer from Bassett to Seaman.

Paint crews will be painting the bowl to the new water tower on Monday and Tuesday, weather permitting. Crews will be painting on the logo at this time also.

Once painted, the lifting of the bowl should begin one to two weeks later. Traffic may be diverted during this time. Be observant of work crews, equipment, and traffic signs.

For more information on this project, or any city matter, please feel free to call City Hall at 254-629-3349.