Local Agencies Attend Crimes Against Children Conference

Dallas, Texas (August 9, 2010) – The Eastland County Children’s Advocacy Center attended the 22nd Annual Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas from August 9 through August 12. CAC Staff attending include Robbin Seabourn, Assistant Director, Doug Smith, Counselor, Karen McAfee, Client Services Coordinator, and Glenn D. Stockard, Executive Director. Also attending with the CAC were Russ Thomason, District Attorney, James Bonds, Michelle Sheedy, and Karen Glenn with CPS, Ray Darden and Ray Russell from Eastland Police Department, and Neal Crisp with the Eastland County Sheriff’s Office.

The Crimes Against Children Conference was first held in 1989 with 50 participants. This year there were over 3400 participants registered. Glenn D. Stockard, Executive Director of the Eastland County Crisis Center, Inc, which operates the Eastland County Children’s Advocacy Center believes this is the premier conference held each year to provide training and resources to agencies that work in the field of child abuse. “The Children’s Advocacy Center was excited that the other agencies were able to send some of their staff to this event, as training is critical to assure justice, safety, and healing to children that have been abused,” said Stockard.

The conference was hosted by the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center and the Dallas Police Department. Other major partners include the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, National District Attorneys Association, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the National Child Protection Training Center.

The CAC model is based on the collaborative efforts of a Multi Disciplinary Team approach. Providing training to the team is essential in preserving the flow of communication and collaborative efforts between members.

Members of the Multi Disciplinary Team and attendees of this year’s conference, state:

“In my 18 ½ years with CPS, the training I received at Crimes Against Children was the most interesting, information, and helpful for my position as CPS Investigation Supervisor.” Jim Bonds.

“This conference provided very practical information not only for the successful prosecution of those who would commit crimes against children but also provided various strategies to intervene and prevent the children of our community from continuing to deal with senseless abuse.” Russ Thomason, Eastland County District Attorney

As an agency, the Eastland County Children’s Advocacy center is grateful for access to this essential training and experience. Participants are anxious to use newly acquired knowledge in the most effective manner possible, to provide justice, hope, and healing to children caught in this growing epidemic.