Losing To Win In 2010

Losing to Win 2010 for Eastland County competition starts June 4th. Categories are Men, Women, & Team. We will meet at Second Baptist church in Ranger. Let’s make this a BIG deal!! Let’s have a huge turnout for Eastland County! Sign up fee is 20 dollars. All proceeds go toward the jackpot! Also, The Biggest Loser’s Season 9 Red Team Melissa Morgan will be here June 18th.

Tickets for:
A Night With Melissa Morgan
Losing to Win competitors $5.00 in advance or $10.00 at the door.
For non competitors tickets are $10.00 in advance or $15.00 at the door.

If interested contact: Paula Howard@ 325-733-7279 or at paulalhoward@yahoo.com
Wendy Rodgers @ 254-647-5486
Monica Henderson @ 254-442-2242

Meetings will be held at the 2nd Baptist Church in Ranger.

Directions to the Church.

From the Stop Light in Ranger turn left and go over the rail road tracks.
Turn LEFT again on Commerce Street. (street that run next to the tracks.)
Big 3 Story Building with Name at the top of it.

You can see the building before you reach the Stop Light. It is directly in front of the old Railroad depot.

What to Bring:
your Entry Fee
a Cheap Note book
A Pen

***Determination and a Positive Attitude***

For more information including a discussion about it, go to the Health & Fitness section of EastlandSpin.com