Loved Ones Mourn the Death of Breckenridge Teen

Reported by: Michelle Ashworth on Big Country Home Page

Friends of 16-year-old Kalena Gillispie say they still can’t believe she’s gone.

Ana Martinez shared classes and worked with the Breckenridge teen, and said Kalena was always supportive of her friends.

“We would go to her, she was a very nice person, she was nice to everybody, she was there for everybody,” said Martinez.

Another of Kalena’s friends, Caleb Moore, said he was shocked when he heard the news.

“My mom called me and told me everything and then some friends called me and told me everything that happened,” said Moore.

Word quickly spread that Kalena had been riding with Myranda Hammer, 17, and Janie Carrion, 16, from Eastland. Officers say Hammer had been driving along Highway 112 on Friday night when she lost control and veered off the road.

It was then that Kalena, who was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown from the car. Moore says that after hearing what happened to his friend, he’s more cautious behind the wheel.

“You never forget your seat belt or anything like that now that you’ve actually heard something like that happen, but it scares you it really does,” said Moore.

Several of Kalena’s friends said their hearts reach out to her family in their time of grief.

“I heard that her mom was doing better than she was, but I mean she was her only daughter and her oldest so I’m sure it’s going to be really bad (for them),” said Martinez.

A young life taken so suddenly, has reminded a town that one action, buckling up, could prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Kalena’s body has been taken to Edward’s Funeral Home in Eastland. The two other teenagers, including the driver suffered head injuries in the crash, both girls were taken to get medical attention in Fort Worth.