My Mystery Photo

Wanda Lee Beck Skinner ©
A beautiful, cool, partly cloudy day in October, a trip was made to a local cemetery for the purpose of taking pictures and finishing up information for a plat. The trip went extremely well and the efforts were completed. Early the next day a trip to Wal-Mart’s photo center produced the wanted pictures. The next few minutes I had to wait for my appointment so I took the pictures from the folder. Imagine my surprise as this picture was viewed. My first reaction was “what am I seeing?” Well after close examination I saw that I was in the tombstone that I had taken a picture of. It looks as if there is actually someone standing in the four or five inch tombstone and it almost looks as if their feet are standing on the base of the stone. I pondered the event and decided I did not like this picture so this one will be placed in a safe place and that tombstone picture will be retaken.

Many jokes were made by those in the room and I can imagine that this is the way that many ghost stories seem to survive. People seem to thrive on the unanswerable questions. I know this much, this picture was not planned by me to turn out the way it did but the man in control may have been working the lighting as it was to make me think about life and the way I live it. No, I do not believe in ghost but this much I do believe “God is real and He is amazing and does miraculous and unexplainable things.”