New Tanker for Wayland VFD

Wayland VFD this week put their 5000 gallon tanker into service. The truck is number 940 and is newest  addition for Wayland VFD, with this addition we want people to know we continue to grow and flourish with the help of the Texas Forest Service and our fellow Volunteer Fire Departments.

This is the largest Tanker used for Fire Suppression in Stephens County and will be housed in Wayland.

Starting out it will carry only 4,000 gallons due to some bridges on our local county roads having weight restrictions.  If needed in certain conditions we will then carry 5,000 gallons of water.

For a small volunteer fire department which operates only on donation and has been in operation only three years, we feel we have done pretty good and are very fortunate to have the community support we have.  We are very thankful for that.

With our primary response area being the southern part of Stephens County we will make this area the tankers number one priority.   When needed and called upon for mutual aide, Wayland VFD will respond anywhere in Stephens County with 940 to  help out the Breckenridge and Hubbard Creek Fire Departments plus Eastland County as well if called upon.  We are here to help in any way we can and helping our fellow Departments out is what we are here for.

The truck became available to us from the Texas Forest Service because we are a Volunteer Fire Department.

The truck was originally known as the “Pink Elephant “. It got this name in Ozona Texas where it started its life out in the Fire Service. Ozona painted the truck red but with only 1 coat of red paint and sitting outside, it faded to pink. Because of the size of the truck it was called an ” Elephant ” by one Volunteer and the name stuck. So when you hear the term Pink Elephant you know what people are referring to.

After several years of service in Ozona , the truck was moved briefly to Eola and then to Eden where it was in Service for over 6 years.

Jason Medders Chief of Eden VFD was notified that they were eligible for another Tanker from the Texas Forest Service. When we found out it was available to us, we filled out the proper paperwork and two weeks later it was on its way to Wayland Texas. Ask Cecil Ramsaier, when you see him, about the drive from Eden to Wayland at a top speed of 50 MPH. Lets just say it took awhile to drive her back.

We had to do a little work on her. We repainted her and then fixed some wiring issues she had, but with Ty Allgoods dedication we got all of those issues fixed.

The truck only has 10,981 original miles on her and is in pretty darn good shape. We feel we did really well and are very proud to add this truck to our fleet.

We did have to add some warning lights, a siren, two-way radio, and a medium range transfer pump and then she was ready to go.

Wayland VFD would like to say Thank You to :

  • The Wayland Community for their support from day one.
  • Jason, Art and all the guys from Eden VFD.
  • Kelly and Courtney, from the Texas Forest Service, we couldn’t have done this without your help.
  • Eual Allgood for repainting the Pink Elephant for us.
  • Ty Allgood for giving up his weekends to work on her.
  • Embridge Energy, M Terry Ranch  and Comanche County Coop for their donations for the truck.
  • Donny Bird & CDI for donating the Red paint.
  • Hubbard Creek VFD and the Breckenridge Fire Department for their support.

Donations are still needed so we can purchase a few fittings, some hard suction hose and a Fold A Tank for 940

Wayland VFD greatly appreciates and is very thankful to everyone who donates to our Department

Brian Rogers
Secretary / Treasurer

Cell – 1-254-433-2177


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