New Water Tower Logo

Several months ago the Commissioners of the City of Eastland were asked to select lettering and a logo to be placed on the new water tower that would sit atop the city park. Early in the design process it was decided a large Maverick head would be a part of the design.

After discussing the design with city staff, citizens and professionals, several options were presented to the council for their approval. But, the Maverick image just was not really what the commission had in mind. One remarked it looked too similar to the University of Texas Longhorns logo.

In the meantime, Commissioner Norman Owen received a bundle of drawings by Leo Smith of Sanderson, Texas. Unbeknownst to Smith, his wife Barbara sent the work for the city to consider in the logo design.

Owen, with fellow commissioners and city staff, looked through the many different styles of Maverick heads Smith had drawn over the years. One was selected and is the design you see on the new tower today.

Smith and his wife are both graduates of Eastland High and were in attendance at the 2010 All School Reunion this past June. Smith was surprised when Commissioner Owen announced during the reunion that one of his drawings had been selected to be included in the logo.

Smith, a natural artist, worked for many years as a layout artist for Tex Tan Western Leather Co. of Yoakum, TX and is the younger brother of Roy Lee Smith of Eastland.

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