Open The Door To My Often Hard Heart

by Wanda Lee Beck Skinner ©
Open the door to my often hard heart,
So your love will flow to other folks:
Let each moment be a brand new start,
Of reaching out without evil and ugly pokes.

Use my hands to reach out and touch,
Those facing emotional and financial strife.
Let them know there is a God they need so much;
To help them move toward an abundant life.

Open my selfish ears so that I can really hear,
Things that are said filled with innuendoes.
Concerning people and possession they hold dear,
Lead me to let them know Your love still flows.

Take my feet down paths I have often ignored,
Where simple acts of kindness make a new start;
When their pleas have to others been implored.
There is light of hope and peace I can impart.
Open my arms just as you opened yours to me,
Allow me to be a vessel toward your path,
To reach out to those who need to see,
A path filled with love without fear of wrath.
I close my prayer to you, O God, this day,
With thanks for all the blessings listed above.
You gave me all these things in an abundant way:
Allow me to share with those who You have resisted.